Who is Cool Clubs?

Cool Clubs are the largest independent club fitting organisation in the world. We are not affiliated with any club manufacturer which means we fit our clients with the equipment that performs best for them.

All the equipment we fit is tested in-house using Cool Clubs developed software and testing equipment. Because we do not rely on each manufacturers internal testing we know exactly how each club component performs against all other manufacturers. The results of this testing determine what we use for our performance fittings.

We have fitting studios in Australia, USA and Japan. In Australia we are based at Sanctuary Cove on The Palms course.

What do we do?

Cool Clubs does three things very well. We fit clubs, build clubs and repair clubs to a tour standard without compromise.

Cool Clubs clients come from all walks of life, all ages, all swing characteristics and all handicaps but have one thing in common. They love golf and they want the best fitted and built equipment available anywhere. This gives our Cool Clubs clients the best experience on the course and allows them to “Play Better Golf”.

How do we do it?

A Cool Clubs fitting is different to any club fitting you have ever had. Our fittings are based on four components:

  1. Equipment – Over 10,000 club and head combinations independently assessed by Cool Clubs to deliver the best performance from your clubs.
  2. Software – In-house developed software that guarantees the right club is put in your hand for your swing.
  3. Trackman™ – Gives us all the characteristics of your swing. All our club fittings have an outdoor range based component to ensure we have the real numbers that represent your swing.
  4. Experience – Cool Clubs virtually invented the analytical approach to club fitting over 20 years ago. Our fitters are all world class and do nothing but fit clubs.

No other fitting can give you the results we give because of our objective, evidence based approach to fitting clubs in combination with our experience and dedication to what we do.

This approach extends to a Cool Clubs putter fitting. We have developed an 8 camera putter fitting studio in combination with analysis software that allows us to analyse your putting stroke like no other.

Our clubs are built differently

Cool Clubs builds all clubs in-house in a state-of-the-art facility. This allows us to provide clubs built with the care and quality to realise the benefits predicted by our fittings.

From small details like ensuring all our measuring equipment around the world is calibrated the same every morning. This means when we talk about a loft, lie or shaft characteristics with Scottsdale or Tokyo we know it will be reproduced on their equipment. Or building our clubs in a clean dust-free environment with the highest quality standards in the industry.

To large details like building our own state-of-the-art shaft analysis machine S3 which allows all new shafts to be automatically checked and analysed for conformance to specs through 180,000 measurements per shaft. Only those that pass make it into our builds.

Because of these exacting methodologies no other company can build as consistently or accurately, and provide their clients with the long term support Cool Clubs does.

The care we take building clubs is also applied to our repairs to guarantee your clubs are returned to health and provide a long life.


If you are looking to “Play Better Golf” then come to Cool Clubs for a fitting and try it yourself.


Visit Cool Clubs today   www.coolclubsoz.com.au

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